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1000 Submissions in the Fight Against Corona
"Data vs. COVID-19" Sprint of the BMZ digilab 
BMZ's Digital Learning Platform "atingi"
New E-Learning Courses with "Make-IT"
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atingi Workshop with Smart Africa
COVID-19 Quiz on atingi
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More News in Times of COVID-19
AFD's Response to the Crisis  
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AfDB's Ideathon #AfricaVsVirus
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Smart Africa Launched Africa-wide Coordinated Response to the Pandemic
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Information Platform for African Women on COVID-19
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Delivering Education at Home in African States: Country Status Report
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Existing and Emerging Digital Divides in Times of COVID-19
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"Responding to COVID-19 in Africa: Using Data to Find a Balance" Report
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More Creative Tech Solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa

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BMZ Supports Lacuna Fund to Promote AI Training as a Public Good in the Global South
The BMZ's Strategic Partnership Technolgy in Africa presents "Wikonnect"
Design Thinking and 3D Printing for People with Disabilities in Erbil, Iraq
Make-IT and Airbus Bizlab Partner on the
#Africa4Future Accelerator Programme
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